Sunday, 6 November 2011

Knitting in New Cross

Sat in a cafe the other week with Eleanor (debating a suitable name for our theatre company) I saw a notice for a free afternoon of knitting. I signed up thinking if I was free then I'd enjoy a Sunday of knitting with locals. Might even progress past regular stitching!

By some miracle of scheduling on my part, I was actually free to attend. I had a lovely time whiling away 2hours with yarn, needles and cake. Under the patient instruction of Emma, our knitting guru, I even learned to purl. I can now knit one, purl one. Actually it was more like knit one, purl one, have one bite of cake, knit one, purl one (you get the idea).

I feel this is achievement enough and was perfectly happy to butcher a ball of yarn with my childish knitting while others created moss and stocking stitch creations. Someone had even done a Fair Isle pattern!

But hey, I'm not striving for knitting Nirvana. I'm perfectly chilled out from the afternoon's activities (which is more achievement for me than any knitting pattern). Definitely returning on the 4th December. Might attempt another stitch... Who knows...
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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Finished Jeremy Kyle Skirt!

Finished! One simple elasticated floral knee length skirt. A very good JK episode too. Cheating Italians, confused gays and paranoid (and ugly) guys suspecting their innocent (and way more good looking) ladies. Standard.

I think I might add pockets to the skirt at a later date. But I can wear it out happily. An excellent morning's progress.
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the Jeremy Kyle Skirt Challenge

Its begun!
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The Jeremy Kyle Skirt

Currently on my bus home after a lovely night at work Had a drink and a gossip with my boss afterwards, a very nice night. I'm also enjoying my ability to blog on the bus using my BloggerDroid phone app and newly acquired 3G internet!

I've been so busy travelling about and working that I've been neglecting the sewing. I do enjoy seeing my floral material covered pride and joy sat on my desk. Its definitely keeping my projects at the forefront of my mind. Just need time!

But (as I sit on my bus mentally planning beautiful items and despairing at my lack of free time) sometimes these things are so simple and quick that they can be whipped up in no time at all. There's just no excuse.

I'm setting myself a challenge. I intend to sew a skirt tomorrow morning, during an episode of Jeremy Kyle. God help me I do love that show, its so chavvy!

It would be right to wear my skirt out on my lunch date with Lucy tomorrow, thats the ultimate deadline. But I did just buy a beautiful dress in Camden and I'm determined to wear it immediately. I refuse to be precious about new clothes. Otherwise no occasion is ever good enough. I did also buy a cute Pulp Fiction hoodie which would look great with a floral mini. We're hoping to have a work social to a matinee of Broken Glass at the Vaudeville so I'll wear it then.

Ok! Tune in tomorrow for my finished breakfast skirt!

Its my stop now. Bye!
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Monday, 17 October 2011

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

The Magenta Machine is officially in Lewisham! I've also got today off work so its most definitely sewing time. Settling down with a cup of real coffee (real coffee!) and a slice of toast with homemade jam (homemade!) courtesy of housemate Eleanor's mother. Sketch book is out and I'm already planning some lovely projects :) stay tuned!
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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Magenta Machine Is Relocating...

This weekend I went home to pack up some more bits and bobs to move to my new place in London (yes, I now live in London, but thats another post for another day). And I've packed up the MM, my sewing drawer and my bag of cloth, ready to be moved down to jolly Lewisham. In other news, the bag of cloth has TRIPLED in size, courtesy of my lovely aunt, Anjie and her gift of remnants (thank you Anjie!!).

The Machine will be driving down with my mum and dad mid-October and I can resume my love-affair with sewing, which has been sadly postponed since July thanks to excellent developments in my theatre career (win some, lose some :P ).

But soon both will live in harmony, with me, in London. And I've already got a list of things to sew waiting.

It's going to be a fun Autumn :)


PS: Also on Twitter now, search amyPgunn :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fabric Covered Beads

Still using my (copious, but soon to end) free time by making some fabric covered beads. I used the tutorial on Twirling Betty's blog which was very helpful and easy to follow.
I bought a long string of wooden beads from a charity shop for the bargain price of £1 a while ago and now I'm finally round to doing it.

I covered a few beads in scraps of a very cute japanese children print that I've used on my patchwork quilt. There are some lovely flowers in it which fitted well onto the small beads. I threaded them together with the smaller wooden beads from the string to make a cute necklace I intend to wear with my outfit for my boyfriend's graduation.

I also covered 10 beads with scraps of my patchwork fabrics to make a cute little bracelet. I threaded them onto some elastic et voila! Very easy. I got somewhat carried away with the theraputic glueing of fabric and now I have two bracelets and a necklace!

I also made a cushion cover for my mum's birthday and made her a matching bracelet with leftover fabric on some more beads! Happy birthday mum!