Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Jeremy Kyle Skirt

Currently on my bus home after a lovely night at work Had a drink and a gossip with my boss afterwards, a very nice night. I'm also enjoying my ability to blog on the bus using my BloggerDroid phone app and newly acquired 3G internet!

I've been so busy travelling about and working that I've been neglecting the sewing. I do enjoy seeing my floral material covered pride and joy sat on my desk. Its definitely keeping my projects at the forefront of my mind. Just need time!

But (as I sit on my bus mentally planning beautiful items and despairing at my lack of free time) sometimes these things are so simple and quick that they can be whipped up in no time at all. There's just no excuse.

I'm setting myself a challenge. I intend to sew a skirt tomorrow morning, during an episode of Jeremy Kyle. God help me I do love that show, its so chavvy!

It would be right to wear my skirt out on my lunch date with Lucy tomorrow, thats the ultimate deadline. But I did just buy a beautiful dress in Camden and I'm determined to wear it immediately. I refuse to be precious about new clothes. Otherwise no occasion is ever good enough. I did also buy a cute Pulp Fiction hoodie which would look great with a floral mini. We're hoping to have a work social to a matinee of Broken Glass at the Vaudeville so I'll wear it then.

Ok! Tune in tomorrow for my finished breakfast skirt!

Its my stop now. Bye!
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