Friday, 22 April 2011

Birthday Presents

I have got a day off from working at In The Night Garden Live so I'm working on birthday presents. I have two good friends turning 22 in April so I need to step up the gift-age. I'm currently working on a project for friend number 1, a fellow sewing fanatic, so I can break out the machine and make something unique. Friend number 2 is less craft-minded, but I'm hoping to make something for her in addition to her present, as I like the personal touch to handmade gifts. I prefer to spend time rather than money - this sounds so cheap but the effort involved shows a lot more thought in my opinion. I'm not cheap, honest.

I bought a book on dressmaking in Bradford last week (in the picture). Its full of technical instructions for dress making and advice on clothes for body shape etc. I thought it would be a sound investment as a go-to reference. I'm hoping to make a summery top after I've finished presents and will be consulting the book lots.

Now I must wander into town to shop. I'm going to take some sewing and relax in a coffee shop for a mid-shopping break. I won't post any p
hotos of the finished presents until they've been given (in case the surprise is ruined) but I shall pop some photos up afterwards.

To tide you over, here are the shorts from the previous blog:

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