Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tuesday 26th April 2011.

Good day to you all. As promised here is a photo of my new top in action.
I took my mum to Jam Jar Beads to show her the wonder of all the beads and treated myself to another lucky cat. I have fashioned the two cats into earrings with a length of aqua blue waxed cotton. Pretty darn simple, just took a couple of knots and I'm done.
If I ever get bored of the earrings I can easily cut the thread and recycle the pieces into something new.

I've recently discovered Thread Banger on Youtube. Its a channel for DIY fashion etc and its got some nice ideas. I'm really keen to try making my own body double for future dress making adventures. Just need to find a willing volunteer to cover me in parcel tape/duct tape/plaster. I've wondered about saving up for a tailor's dummy but they're so dang expensive. So in the meantime, maybe this DIY version is the best idea.

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  1. The top looks amazing and the cat beads are very cute they make interesting earrings, I like your creativity!