Sunday, 6 November 2011

Knitting in New Cross

Sat in a cafe the other week with Eleanor (debating a suitable name for our theatre company) I saw a notice for a free afternoon of knitting. I signed up thinking if I was free then I'd enjoy a Sunday of knitting with locals. Might even progress past regular stitching!

By some miracle of scheduling on my part, I was actually free to attend. I had a lovely time whiling away 2hours with yarn, needles and cake. Under the patient instruction of Emma, our knitting guru, I even learned to purl. I can now knit one, purl one. Actually it was more like knit one, purl one, have one bite of cake, knit one, purl one (you get the idea).

I feel this is achievement enough and was perfectly happy to butcher a ball of yarn with my childish knitting while others created moss and stocking stitch creations. Someone had even done a Fair Isle pattern!

But hey, I'm not striving for knitting Nirvana. I'm perfectly chilled out from the afternoon's activities (which is more achievement for me than any knitting pattern). Definitely returning on the 4th December. Might attempt another stitch... Who knows...
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  1. Look forward to seeing your first item of knitted clothing.