Sunday, 27 February 2011


After spending Christmas with my boyfriend's family my hypothetical sister in law set me onto her sister's blog, Bugs and Fishes, which is a triumph in all things felt. I'd never given felt much thought, dismissing it as a child's material, but it comes in fab colours, sews easily and doesn't fray. What's not to love? So I rummaged in my old childhood supplies and came out with felt-a-plenty, plus some old dusters from Wilkinson's that my mum and my aunt and I had used to made Easter themed bags a million years ago (I never throw anything out). I began with my go-to favourite, sushi. And made a couple of little appliques, which are currently waiting for a destination. Delicious.

(From top left clockwise, salmon nigiri, maki sushi (I think) tamago (sweet egg omlette) nigiri and tobiko (fish roe) gunkan)
So with Valentine's day around the corner, I began another felt badge on a heart theme, but not quite a traditional heart. I found a simplified anatomical heart drawing on the internet and set about fashioning a felt equivalent. I made a white felt base, cut out the pieces of a heart in red and blue as appropriate and pinned them on. A little superglue held the job lot together while I stitched detail in white around the edges. I then stuck the full thing to a piece of card and backed it with more white felt. This final piece of white felt had a badge pin sewn onto it first. To make three layers look neater, and it stop the whole thing coming apart when the superglue fails, I stitched the edge together following a tutorial.

Et voila, one anatomical heart badge:

Individual, cheap, bold.