Monday, 21 February 2011

Welcome to The Magenta Machine

Consider this my first attempt at blogging. The women in my family are loving the blog. My aunt has one, my cousin has just started one, my mum follows them both - so I thought I'd add to her reading list with my offerings.

My name is Amy, I love to create things. That encompasses a wide range. I enjoy painting, drawing, directing theatre/film, knitting and of course sewing.

The amazing present of a bright pink mini sewing machine for Christmas (thank you Mother) has massively increased my ability to cobble together pretty things. My main fall back is bows for my hair (or anything featuring a bow) but since the aforementioned Christmas present I've been branching out into things I can wear elsewhere.

Customising/making my own clothes has always been something I've been into. I love having something one of a kind, something that when a friend compliments it, I can say "Thanks, I made it myself". It breathes life into old clothes, transforms charity shop bargains and puts your individual stamp on your wardrobe. And if you're savvy, you can save yourself a bob or two.

Its a great counteraction to the frustration I feel at shopping for something I can't find. For example, I wanted a large shoulder bag to begin uni with in 2007. They weren't quite right/too expensive so me and my mum chopped up a pair of jeans and made the perfect, individual bag for my new term.

This blog is part me showing off, part sharing the knowledge of creating your own look. Enjoy.

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