Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Morning, I'm on my break between evil 7am sandwich prep shift and 11am shift in the salad bar. I am currently hooked up to a hazelnut cappucino and toasted bagel to get me through. To kill an hour I thought I would share on recent shopping adventures.

Last week me and mum went to Mansfield for some much needed retail therapy (wherein I always buy too much and mum encourages it). First stop was Sally Twinkle, an Aladdin's cave of fabric and sequins. The shop's been going for donkey's years and both my mum and aunt used to frequent the place. I bought some hair slides (for my arsenal of bows), some initial patches (like the college jackets that are roaring back into fashion, must do something about that) and some delicious liquorice allsorts fabric.

Yesterday I also went to Castle Market in Sheffield. I swung by Grace's fabrics and bought a pretty orange and blue print cotton and a complimentary orange cotton to go with it. I chatted to Grace of Grace's Fabrics (not just a marketing gimmic) about jobs and she gave me words of encouragement to go with my purchases - nice lady. I'm hoping to make a skirt with the orange fabric, its my first attempt at a piece of clothing from scratch so I'm excited/nervous. I shall keep you updated.

When shopping on the high street I also keep an eye out for patterns and styles I like. Current funds (and perpetually wearing my work uniform) mean I have little reason to buy loads of stuff, but I do take photos of the things I like to keep the idea. I recently spotted a white vest with leather cut out detail in Primark which I liked. I didn't buy it because a) its Primark and I only buy really basic stuff and b) I could buy a Primark basic vest for cheaper and try out the idea for myself. With this in mind I also bought a scrap of faux leather from the lovely Grace.

Hopefully I shall be able to show you the fruits of my leather labour very soon.

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