Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Palazzo Pants

I've been no-sew for a while, due to travelling all over the place - which makes me rather sad. But now I'm home for a while I've got out the MM and got cracking on many a project! First off, a pair of delightfully comfy (and even a little bit on trend) palazzo pants, courtesy of a piece of fabric my aunt gave me on my last visit to St Albans. My aunt and uncle have been putting me up while I work in London and I'm extremely grateful for their help and generosity - AND Anjie gave me material!! Bonus.

Thanks Anjie: It was fairly simple - sewed the piece into one giant tube, cut up the middle and re-sewed into baggy baggy trousers, then hemmed and made a tube at the top to thread a thin piece of the same fabric as a drawstring. Because of the forgiving volume of the fabric, my dressmaking skills (or limit thereof) aren't visible. A lovely pair of trousers for the summer.

Oh. And I've had my hair cut - a lot!

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