Sunday, 22 May 2011

Brighton Part Four: My Last Week By The Sea

My time in Brighton is nearly at an end. I'm back working at Sunny Arts for a few more days before I go. A few of the tech people were away for yesterday's show, which meant I had to rig the entire venue on my own, something I am most definitely not trained for. Thankfully I completed everything within my (short) time limit and the show went well. I was complimented on how calm I was, but I've never seen stressing out (in any visible way at least) as a constructive and positive use of my time. So I don't do it very often. We've got a matinee and our final evening show tomorrow, and with yesterdays success fresh in my mind, I'm not concerned about tomorrow's workload - although it will be a long day. 14 hours at least!

Today was my last entire free day so me and Shaun did something fun. We began by visiting The. Most. Amazing. Tea shop in the whole country.We had some delicious Earl Grey and scones with jam and cream. Then one last wander around the lanes before dinner in a Japanese restaurant.

I'll be heading back to Sheffield on Sunday and I'm excited to be going home. It will be fleeting as I'll be in London a week later. Then I'll return to pack up my Sheffield home before moving to London again for more directing work. Very exciting stuff, but I'm all over the place! I've got a number of projects I want to get cracking on while I'm able to, so hopefully I can post on these next week too.

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  1. Was the tea shop the one that's a shrine to Princess Diana ?