Friday, 20 May 2011

Brighton Part Three: Bake 'n' Beebz

This weekend I stayed with my cousin Alice and of course we did some baking! We made some delicious blondies (see Alice's blog) which are like brownies but pale. The secret ingredient is... chickpeas! Delicious and nutritious, I kid you not. Alice did the math and with no butter and very little sweetner, they work out very healthy for you.

We went to Eastbourne and hit the charity shops, but we didn't buy much. The only things of note were some sewing-themed fabric and a london bus purse (I can't wait to upload all my photos!!). I got mugged by a seagull and Alice kicked it in revenge, then we wandered the pier and sat by the sea. A fairly eventful day.

I'm about ready to return to Sheffield now. I miss my boyfriend (and sewing) so it will be good to see him (sew) in a week's time. Just have a week in Sheffield before I'm away again to London. And there may be more London work on the horizon.... how exciting.

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