Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Brighton Part Two: London Calling

Having a very low key day today, hanging out in Shaun's living room while he's going to work. But I've had a very busy couple of days so doing nothing is alright. Yesterday I went for lunch with my cousin Alice, who's at uni in Brighton. Then I had a quick meeting with Will and Cliff at Sunny Arts about next Thursday's show (lots of tech people aren't in on Thursday so I'm preparing to orchestrate a get in near-solo, should be a fun challenge) before dashing off to London for.... a job interview. And I'm pleased to say I got a phonecall this morning offering me the job. I will be working on my first directing job in London next month. This is a big step for me and really exciting.

I also visited London on Sunday to properly see my friend Ellie. We went to Camden (standard) and took in the gorgeous shops, looking for lovely clothes and ideas. I'm hoping to stay with her while I'm directing. The job is only for a week so its not too long for her to put up with me!

Its been handy being in Brighton this month, as I can pop to London fairly easily. Trying my best to visit people around the South while I'm here too, because I don't usually see them when I'm in Sheffield.

I bought some really cute fabric from Ditto yesterday. Its the Royal Pavillion at Brighton on a blue background. Once I return to Sheffield I hope to make a Brighton-themed skirt to commemorate my time down here.

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