Friday, 3 June 2011

Brighton Skirt

I have put the Royal Pavillion fabric from Ditto to good use, by making a tiered mini skirt. I saw the idea on Burda, but their skirt had two separate pieces, dividing the skirt into two parts. I went a little further, folding the skirt twice, making three sections.
I kept the piece of fabric complete instead of cutting out the individual tiers. My boyfriend helped, and I think he enjoyed himself working out the logistics of the folds of material. I ironed the folds to make them sharp, then sewed along these to keep them in place. I hid the stitches beneath the previous crease for neatness.

I sewed in a tube for an elasticated waist. I was always dubious about an elasticated waist. I don't own any garments with one so it didn't feel "proper". It still feels a bit odd, but it is a simple solution, so I might use it again.

Me in my skirt

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