Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Magenta Machine Is Relocating...

This weekend I went home to pack up some more bits and bobs to move to my new place in London (yes, I now live in London, but thats another post for another day). And I've packed up the MM, my sewing drawer and my bag of cloth, ready to be moved down to jolly Lewisham. In other news, the bag of cloth has TRIPLED in size, courtesy of my lovely aunt, Anjie and her gift of remnants (thank you Anjie!!).

The Machine will be driving down with my mum and dad mid-October and I can resume my love-affair with sewing, which has been sadly postponed since July thanks to excellent developments in my theatre career (win some, lose some :P ).

But soon both will live in harmony, with me, in London. And I've already got a list of things to sew waiting.

It's going to be a fun Autumn :)


PS: Also on Twitter now, search amyPgunn :)

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